Dive Deeper : Arctic Disintegration - 3 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION

What global solutions exist to stop Arctic melting? Why is Arctic sea ice melting and how does this impact our climate? What is a Blue Ocean event, the albedo effect, Arctic amplification, and permafrost? What is the role of the ocean in heat absorption? This FREE program helps you learn the concepts presented by Dave Borlace of Just Have a Think (JHAT) in the JHAT Arctic Disintegration video #120 and beyond.

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This course is part of our Dive Deeper series of mini-courses.  This mini-course provides a useful background for understanding the Arctic and its role in climate change as presented by Dave in JHAT Arctic Disintegration, video #120. These FREE supplemental courses are designed to support and enhance learning of the climate concepts provided by Dave Borlace of Just Have a Think: The Climate and Sustainable Energy Channel.

The course provides a deeper understanding of key climate change terms including Arctic amplification, the albedo effect, permafrost, latent heat of fusion, and a Blue Ocean event; helps you to Identify examples of positive feedback; understand the role of the ocean in heat absorption;  the relationship between CO2 and temperature; and describe the possible climactic consequences of an ice-free (Blue Ocean) event.

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The course is time-limited.

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