Dive Deeper: Regenerative Agriculture- 3 Month Subscription

How do farming practices reduce carbon emissions? What are the principles of regenerative agriculture? What is the role of soil as a carbon sink? What are other food and land climate solutions? This FREE program helps you learn and retain the concepts presented by Dave Borlace of Just Have a Think (JHAT) in the JHAT Regenerative Agriculture video #130 and beyond.

This course is part of our Dive Deeper series of mini-courses.  This mini-course provides a useful background for understanding the importance of regenerative farming practices in reducing carbon emissions as presented by Dave in JHAT Arctic Disintegration, video #130. These FREE supplemental courses are designed to support and enhance learning of the climate concepts provided by Dave Borlace of Just Have a Think: The Climate and Sustainable Energy Channel.


The course provides a deeper understanding of key climate change terms and concepts including regenerative agriculture, managed grazing, the importance of soil as a carbon sink, how our farming practices make a climate difference, and other farming and land climate solutions.

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The course is time-limited.