For Middle-to-High School Students

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What happens when engaging videos on climate science and solutions are combined with interactive online modules? You and your students Dive Deeper into a world of climate change understanding, with measurable outcomes, flexible instruction, embedded assessments, and teaching to mastery.


Each Dive Deeper course starts out with a free YouTube video from Just Have a Think or Project Drawdown and ends with your students mastering concepts on climate science and solutions. Instruction goes beyond climate change to teach broader scientific and environmental concepts along the way!


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NOTE: If you want to use these courses with your students, contact us and we will issue you a FREE class license! Currently piloted with hundreds of students in the following schools:  Blue Mountain Middle School (NY) and Montessori School of York (PA).


  • 8 climate change courses, each lasting one class period


  • Climate Change Topics range from climate solutions to energy to oceans to the Arctic to food


  • Free lesson plans, plus ideas for discussion


  • Mix and match courses to suit your curricular needs


  • Active student responding


  • Evaluate student progress with embedded assessments


  • All materials aligned to NGSS & CC standards


  • For asynchronous, synchronous, or hybrid classrooms


We Teach to MASTERY. Our unique and evidence-based instructional approach ensures that every learner meets the designated learning outcomes.



Supplement YOUR Science Curriculum. Critical climate change concepts are presented with different topics; mix and match courses to customize to your needs.