Let us help you make more of an impact in your public outreach on climate change! We are currently offering live online workshops due to COVID-19.  The CBC can also provide diverse professional training workshops and webinars custom tailored to your needs. Recent FREE Webinars included Behavior Change for Climate Action 101, Parts 1 & 2. 

Watch this space - we'll be offering signups for a 3-week, one hour workshop soon - within the month, limited to the first 25 people who sign up!

To date, we have trained over 800 students and environmental professionals. 

We are pleased to announce that our one-hour webinar on Behavior Change for Climate Action for the Oceans and Beyond, which was presented on Thursday, Aug. 26th, is now available on YouTube.  This webinar by The Center for Behavior and Climate (CBC) teaches you how to apply principles of behavior change to increase individual and collective climate action for the oceans and beyond. From tackling habits to worldview to social influences to framing, we will provide case studies showing the impact of each behavioral tool. Co-sponsors: OCTO (EBM Tools Network, The Skimmer, OpenChannels, MPA News,